Qiuzziz is a Quiz App that Aims to Make it Easier for You to Learn



Qiuzziz aims to make learning new things easier. It’s simple. The app allows users to compare their knowledge with others and encourages them to share their results. This can be used to accelerate learning in private and public environments.

What is Qiuzziz?

Qiuzziz offers a new way of learning. You can share your quizzes with your friends and create them yourself. Your quiz can be shared with the rest of the world.


Qiuzziz was created by two young Parisians who wanted to make something new from the internet. They wanted to create a community where everyone could contribute their ideas and also share their knowledge.

What is Qiuzziz’s mission statement?

Qiuzziz allows you to create quizzes about a variety of topics. A quiz can be created about when is the best time to hike or how efficient it is to cook dinner. You can also create one to test your knowledge about obscure sports teams around the globe!

Qiuzziz doesn’t just exist as a social media platform. It is an ecosystem that allows people to come together and share their passions for specific topics. It’s a place people want to get involved with one another. That’s why we made it so simple for everyone to share their knowledge with others.

What brought Qiuzziz to existence?

Qiuzziz was founded in 2017. Qiuzziz was founded in 2017. Their users should have fun doing it.

The company has six employees and is located in London, UK. The quizzes are fun and easy to use with no programming experience.

Who is the CEO?

Lukasz, a Polish national, is the CEO of Qiuzziz. He holds a degree as a business administrator and has worked in the tech sector for many years.


Lukasz actually started building websites for small businesses in his teens. His involvement in numerous projects helped to grow the Polish economy as well as helped companies expand their reach.

Who are the other stakeholders of this project?

These are the other stakeholders:

  • Qiuzziz’s founder and CEO are responsible for ensuring that Qiuzziz continues to be developed in a way that is beneficial to its users.
  • The board of directors decides where the company should go and how much they should invest.
  • Investors are people who own shares of the company and who provide financial support to help finance the development process.

This is a new way to ask yourself questions about something

You can make your own quizzes and share them with your friends to earn money.

Quizziz allows you to take a quiz about anything. You can make your own quizzes, and they will appear in the SQFQ app (Smarter Questioning Framework), which is available for iOS and Android devices as well as web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

When Quizziz launches, it will be available on the following platforms: iPhone/iPad, Android Phones; Windows 10PCs; Mac OS X computers (10.9); Chromebooks with OS ChromeOS version 35 beta 6

How do you become a shareholder?


  • The app allows you to buy shares.
  • Credit cards can be used to buy shares.
  • PayPal is a great way to buy shares.
  • You can also use your phone bill or bank account to deposit money through Qiuzziz. This allows you to pay for your investments using mobile payments technology such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

How can you make Qiuzziz quizzes?

You can create a Qiuzziz quiz using either the mobile app or web app. You can use the mobile app on iOS, Android and Windows 10 laptops. Although it is easy to use, the app has fewer features than its desktop counterpart.

You can create quizzes easier if you already have an account at Qiuzziz (registered user only). All you need to do is log into and follow the steps below.

  • Start your browser on your phone (either Safari or Chrome).
  • Click on the “Settings” button in the top right corner to go into your settings.
  • Click “Create a new quiz” to choose whether it will be public or private. 5) Enter any name that will be displayed when people view this page (e.g. “My Quizzes”) Make sure that nobody can see the questions before you submit them.

Quizzes can be created on Qiuzziz.

Anyone can create quizzes on Qiuzziz if they have an account. Quizzes can be shared with friends and made into a business.

You can create a Qiuzziz account by signing up using your Google, Facebook or other social media credentials. After you have created your quizzes, click “Create” at the top of the screen. This will open a window that allows you to choose the type of content you wish to publish. You can choose from video or image gallery questions or text-based ones such as charades and word searches.

What happens when your quiz is shared with friends?

Your friends can also play your quiz if you share it with them. You can also comment and like the quiz. You can also share the link to Qiuzziz on Facebook and Twitter so that everyone can see the fun you are having with Qiuzziz.


What is Qiuzziz’s way of making money from quizzes?

You might be wondering how Qiuzziz earns money from quizzes. These are the main methods:


  • Users can share quizzes on social media and post them to websites. This will make users money. This is known as “Earnings Per Klick.”
  • Advertisers can earn money by creating quizzes that are displayed within an app. However, they don’t necessarily have to pay Earnings Per Click. If you create a quiz asking users to choose between two products, and then get paid based on that choice (like Birchbox), this campaign wouldn’t be considered Earnings Per Click. This is because they can’t direct people to another page within Qiuzziz’s platform, so viewers won’t see the question. This type of campaign is called “Promoted Content”.

All your questions about Quizziz can be answered here.

All your questions about Quizziz can be answered here. Learn more about Qiuzziz and Quizziz.

Find out more information about Quizziz and Quizziz.


Qiuzziz allows you to create quizzes. This is not an app or a game, but a platform to create quizzes. You can find all the answers to your Quizziz questions here by creating and sharing quizzes with Qiuzziz friends.

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